"Skin Deep" is the sixth episode of the first season of Magnum, P.I. which originally aired on January 15, 1981.

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Magnum investigates the suicide of a beautiful actress who killed herself with a shotgun.

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When a beautiful model-actress is killed by a shotgun blast in a scenario closely resembling a scene from the script of an upcoming film, it is seemingly suicide. Magnum is hired by her former producer and lover to investigate any other men that she may have been seeing before her death -- a case that Magnum is reluctant to take, but, feeling guilty for not taking it before the girl was killed, he agrees. But as the investigations unfold, it becomes apparent that there is much more to the case than first appears, and the supposedly murdered woman was being hounded by the obsessive former lover. The case reaches it's pinnacle when Magnum, still haunted by nightmares of the Vietnam war in his dreams, finds himself reliving it in much more reality, in a deadly hunt down on a deserted tropical island.

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  • Ian McShane as David Norman
  • Cathie Shirriff as Erin Wolfe
  • Ron Masak as J.J. Stein (credited as Ron Másak)
  • Remi Abellira as Moki
  • Paul Dennis Martin as Pilot
  • Reri Tava Jobe as Hostess (credited as Reri Tava)
  • Tommy Fujiwara as Dr. Makudo (credited as Tom Fujiwara)

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