Detective Gordon Katsumoto
Gordon Katsumoto (Kang)
Biographical Information
Real Name: Gordon Katsumoto
Originally From: Japan
Current Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Affiliations: Honolulu Police Department
Physical Description
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: The Woman Who Never Died
Portrayed by: Tim Kang

Detecive Gordon Katsumoto is an Honolulu PD officer and nobody better get in his way. [1]

Biography Edit

An HPD officer in Honlulu, Hawaii, he has both the confidence – and the will – of someone who's had to fight every step of the way. After spending two years undercover, he recently ripped him out, and he was cherry-picked by Magnum's ally.

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Notes Edit

  • He is usually Thomas Magnum ally and Magnum is his Honolulu P.D. consultant for him.

Appearances Edit

Season One
I Saw the Sun Rise From the Head Down The Woman Who Never Died Six Paintings, One Frame Sudden Death Death is Only Temporary The Cat Who Cried Wolf Die He Said The Ties That Bind Bad Day to Be a Hero TBA TBA

References Edit

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